Playtest of “Flight” by Armor Games

Picture credit goes to: Go Jaren! Blog

As the first game I review for the blog, I would just like to take a moment and thank Armor Games for making the game: thank you, Armor Games! This game is posted to a site that houses free online games for everyone to play called Kongregate (link below). Flight seemed like such a cute game to me, and reading about it, it sounded easy enough to try out. I will give a short review of the game before I get into any bugs/issues found within it, so let’s get started.

Flight follows the journey of a paper airplane as it makes its way to Santa Claus so a little girl named Sandy, who wrote her wish on this paper airplane and sent it off, can see her mother for Christmas. On its way to Santa, the plane goes from England and stops in places like France, Egypt, Kenya, and Japan and encounters interesting people before it reaches Santa in the North Pole!

Okay, so when I first started playing this game, my immediate reaction was that it’s all very cute! The art style and the music fit the theme well, and the opening cutscene had me invested in getting Sandy’s letter to Santa! The player can get upgrades along the journey which help tremendously, since in one of my playthroughs of the game, I played the entire story without getting a single upgrade, and I finished the game on Day 351…so yes, the upgrades are worth it. The game gets extremely fun and easier after investing some money in the upgrades; I found myself going back to my first playthrough where I have all of the upgrades, and it never gets boring to see how far and long my paper airplane can go in each flight. This is because after you finish the storyline of the game, the player has the option to keep playing, which I assume is so players can get all the upgrades and achievements that they did not collect during the main playthrough, and simply a way for players to continue playing if they absolutely love doing so like me. After finishing the main playthrough, I was very impressed with the game overall. Some of the cutscenes did not make sense, but the art style, music, achievements, upgrades, and plot did an exceptional job at working together to reinforce the theme of Flight. I, generally, enjoyed the game, so thanks again to the developers!

Now, as there are with seemingly every game, there are some bugs and issues with Flight. I played this game again and again in order to catch as many bugs and issues as I could find. There were a few major bugs that went as far as crashing the game and the page, but for the most part, some bugs/issues are observations for improvement. Here’s what I found.

Game Breaking Bugs:

  • When dragging the paper airplane back to the left side of the screen and letting it drop, the game crashed; the page said “A plug-in (Shockwave Flash) isn’t responding”. To fix it, I stopped the plug-in and refreshed the page. It started me a day behind where I was before the game crashed. This also happens to be the only way I earned the achievement “Close Call.” Dragging to the left but not letting go and throwing the plane forward instead does not break the game.
  • Several times on various days in the game, when I pressed “Play” to exit the upgrades menu, the music changed to the music that plays during the plane flights, but remained on the upgrades menu. Clicking “Play” three times fixed it and the game resumed.
  • Clicking on the plane instead of dragging it back and shooting it forward caused the game to crash; the page said “A plug-in (Shockwave Flash) isn’t responding” (same as dragging the plane back and letting it drop). If I did not click or press anything, the issue tried to fix itself, but the plane took off on its own and counted it as a throw. “Emergency Escape” also popped up and I had to press the space bar again and again, while the plane bobbed up and down in the air in one spot and gradually moved up but never left or right. The rainbow stars option popped up, which fixed the issue when I waited about a minute after I clicked this option. The plane sometimes went out of frame and bobbed up and down, and the distance meter said once that I was at -0.48m; the next time I tried this, the distance meter said -0.2m; all tries gave me a distance of negative-something. The bobbing up and down the plane did was not counted by the altitude meter.

Level Design Bugs:

  • I am not sure if this counts as a level design bug, but I could not seem to finish England in 8 days. Doing so is needed to earn England’s achievement and all the other area achievements as a result. Completing England on Day 11-15, which is when I would complete England, means completing the areas in their required number of days cannot be done, since I was expected to finish England on Day 8. Here are the attempt numbers after my first attempt, the amount of meters I had left to go on each attempt when Day 8 hit, and what day I completed England on each attempt:
    • 2nd attempt = 436/1000m to go, completed England Day 12
    • 3rd attempt = 525/1000m to go, completed England Day 13
    • 4th attempt = 627/1000m to go, completed England Day 12
    • 5th attempt = 463/1000m to go, completed England Day 15
    • 6th attempt = 558/1000m to go, completed England Day 12
    • 7th attempt = 362/1000m to go, completed England Day 14
    • 8th attempt = 659/1000m to go, completed England Day 11
  • Most of the beginning of the game while in England is more based on luck, and I got close to finishing on Day 8 on my 8th attempt, but I still finished three days later. Perhaps extending the days you have to complete England for the achievement, so obtaining the rest of the areas’ achievements will not be impossible. Or, having the upgrades cost less so the player has more to help them cover more distance in each flight, therefore finishing England faster and maybe even in 8 days.

Art//Story/Fact Checking Bugs:

  • At the beginning cutscene, Sandy is pressed up against the window but then isn’t in the next cut.
  • In France’s cutscene, cut down on the number of cuts between the letter and the man reading it (perhaps by one).
  • In France’s cutscene, the man reading the letter pictures a sensual, grown woman, when it is clear from the wording in the letter that it was written by a child.
  • In France’s cutscene, does the man only draw a campfire on the letter so it can tie into the next area’s cutscene, where the letter lands in Egypt and a native freaks out about the fire?
  • In Egypt’s cutscene, the man writes in blood using the whole side of the page, but both sides of the page have already been filled up before he gets it.
  • In Kenya’s cutscene, it is unclear why the boy sees a dead bird when the letter lands in his hands, and he does not write anything; he just sends it off again.
  • In Japan’s cutscene, the man looks evil as he writes his music on the letter, which sends the wrong message to the player and, again, both sides of the paper should be taken up already by Sandy and the French man, leaving no room for this Japanese man.
  • In North Pole’s cutscene, it is confusing when Santa holds a flashing present that makes him sad.
  • In North Pole’s cutscene, Santa frames the letter, but only shows the Japanese man’s music, so was nothing else in the letter acknowledged by him? The game ends here, so I never got to see if Sandy’s mother came home, which is why she sent the letter/paper airplane out to Santa in the first place.
  • Perhaps, after Sandy sends out the letter, random people around the world find it and simply add their own short wishes to it and send it off. Then, when it reaches Santa, he brings Sandy’s mother home, then nods or something similar at the letter, which tells the player that he will continue with the wishes written on the letter.
  • The French man writes “Bonjour croissant, chateau alle frittes mal monsieur cafe chauffeur,” which the game translates to “Dear my love, I’ve been saving up for our honey moon camping trip.” He writes at the bottom, “ps, jambon baghette comme je suis,” which the game translates to “ps: I drew a picture of us at our dream campfire.” According to Google Translate, which may or may not be wrong, the French in the letter actually says “Hello crescent” but could not translate the rest of this section. Google Translate said the other part reads “ps, ham baghette as i am.”
  • Perhaps have a day limit as to when the player has the get the letter to Santa, because after at least 30-31 days in real life after starting December, Christmas is over, but I was still able to win the game after finishing it on Day 55, which is after Christmas, so Sandy’s mother would not be able to come home for that Christmas because the letter got there to Santa too late.
  • During the flights, if the plane flies high enough, it can get caught in a jet stream that slows it down, but there is never a jet attached to the jet stream.


  • On one of my runs for the game, I did not get a single upgrade to see if it was possible to finish the game without them, or if the day count would go on for so long that the game stopped me. I finished England on Day 22, France on Day 66, Egypt on Day 149, Kenya on Day 214, Japan on Day 350, and finished the game Day 351. This is significantly more days than getting upgrades and finishing the game with them, so the upgrades are, indeed, very helpful.
  • There is no real increase in difficulty except for the total numbers of meters needed in each area, which increases as you move from one area to the next. This became clear when I was doing my no-upgrades run, and saw no real challenge besides the number of meters I needed to travel before moving onto the next area.

Thank you so much for reading! If you wish to play the game for yourself, which I encourage, here is the link: Play Flight. Feel free to leave comments of your thoughts on the game, either on Kongregate or on here.



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