Playtest of “Run Chubby Dudes!” by Talbone

Hey guys!

So, I found this game on where you can access a bunch of different indie games. And, sometimes, you come across a game that is still in development, like this gem! (I will leave a link to the website as well as the link directly to this game down below.) This game looked interesting and hilarious, and it’s still in development, so I decided to playtest this game and see what I could find. We will start off with a brief review of the game, then I will get into the bugs/issues found within the game. Let’s get started.

First off, I would like to thank Talbone for creating this game in the first place, and putting it up for free download so people can check out the demo. Thank you, Talbone!

Second, this game is EXTREMELY fun! As he says, you need to try to keep some chubby dudes alive for as long as you can from the giant buzz saw you can see in the picture. It is an endless runner game, and as you run, more chubby dudes will drop down for you to try and save. There are plenty of obstacles in the way, so make sure you and your chubby dudes are ready!

I see a lot of potential for this game. The concept is humorous and thrilling, and I quickly became invested in getting these chubby dudes to survive! The music is catchy, and the sound effects are pretty much on the money. The art style looks very simple, yet that’s what makes it so charming (I love how the chubby dudes look like hamsters somehow!). I had a ton of fun playing this demo, and the next time I have plenty of time to kill, this will be my go-to 😀

Now, as with seemingly every game, and since it is still in development, there were some glitches and issues here and there that I found through playing the game over and over again. There were some minor bugs, but there were also major ones that affected my ability to play the game how it was intended to be played. Here is what I found!

Game Breaking Bugs:

  • Some characters get stuck on obstacles, particularly the ones that are closer to the ceiling. This will cause any characters running behind the stuck characters to be unable to move past, which ensures the buzz saw will kill all of them. The character would still run in place, but would not actually move forward. This happened every time I tested it. In an attempt to see if the character could be pushed out through rapid button-pushing, I pressed jump again and again, pressed the arrow keys, and even clicked the mouse buttons, but the character was still stuck. The only way to continue was if some characters were running ahead of the stuck character, allowing me to keep playing because I still had characters alive.
  • Other obstacles characters can get stuck on include the ones that stick out of the ground. Jumping then landing on these obstacles or simply running into them causes the character to get stuck, and the characters behind this one won’t be able to get past, ensuring the buzz saw will kill all of them. This also happened every time I tested it. Again, to try and get unstuck, I pressed the jump and arrow keys again and again but it did not free the stuck character. Just like the previous game-breaking obstacle, the only way to continue was if some characters were running ahead when the character got stuck, meaning I would still have characters to continue playing the game with.
  • Some characters will hang in the air when they drop down, and I was unable to control them. Pressing the arrow keys and jump button will not make the character move or finish falling. This only happened in a few random tests, and it never happened in two tests in a row, nor multiple times within the same test.

Functionality Bugs:

  • The jumping is either slow sometimes or does not work at all other times. Both always happen within the same test.
  • Some characters did not move where I was directing them to go and seemed to move on their own.
  • In my 2nd, 6th, and 7th run of this game, a character landed on top of another character when dropping down, and the character they were on top of could barely jump because of it.

Collision Bugs:

  • Instead of blood splattering, some characters simply disappeared with no sound or visual when the buzz saw hit them.

Art Bugs:

  • The blood splatter obscured my vision many times, so much so to the point where I could not see my characters or any obstacles ahead of me.
  • During my 4th, 5th, 7th, and 10th run of this game, when the buzz saw killed some characters, the blood block/crystal/texture stayed on the screen.
  • In the “Game Over” screen, have the words “Game Over” in the center of the screen in big letters, with the numbers of characters killed and the time (both in smaller letters) underneath “Game Over.”

Fact Checking Bugs:

  • Perhaps the buzz saw should not be able to move through the obstacles.
  • Some characters run faster or jump higher than the other characters, but they are all chubby. Was this to add challenge or difficulty?
  • When making impact with a buzz saw, a person does not make a ‘thud’ sound. Making it more of a gurgled/slashing sound that only lasts a few seconds could improve this.


  • More warning on what obstacles will be coming would be easier on the player, especially when the jumping rate is not that fast. Try changing the camera angle to maybe a wider and taller view, so the player can see ahead of them a bit.
  • Maybe I am just not that good at the game, but I could not get my characters to survive for very long, so I recorded my time on these attempts and the number of characters killed during these attempts:
    1. 7 ‘dudes’ killed — 0:30:43
    2. 7 ‘dudes’ killed — 0:20:64
    3. 9 ‘dudes’ killed — 0:48:36
    4. 8 ‘dudes’ killed — 0:47:75
    5. 6 ‘dudes’ killed — 0:22:63
    6. 7 ‘dudes’ killed — 0:25:73
    7. 10 ‘dudes’ killed — 1:26:93
    8. 9 ‘dudes’ killed — 0:56:18
  • I got far on some attempts, but could never quite replicate the long time I received on attempt 7. I found it hard to predict what obstacles were up next and reacting in time before my characters got stuck on an obstacle, or being early enough with the jumping in general.
  • I cannot jump while on a platform, even if there is no obstacle in the way.

A round of applause to Talbone for the game. As promised, the links are below. Thanks for stopping by!


Check Out Talbone with “Run Chubby Dudes!”


One thought on “Playtest of “Run Chubby Dudes!” by Talbone

  1. Hey, this is Talbone here.
    Thanks a lot on the kind words you had on my humble little game!
    I’m very happy that my game fulfilled its purpose in killing you some time while making you have some fun. now that it is greenlit, i am going to fix all the major bugs i can, so please reach me out at with reports of bugs i can fix.

    thanks again,

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