Playtest of “Frog Fable” by 23 Turtles


Hey, guys; it’s been a while! It’s been a nightmare not having Internet here, so I apologize for the delay, but I finally finished playtesting this game by 23 Turtles and Big Dino called Frog Fable. I wanted to try my hand at a game type I haven’t tested before, so this game fit the bill!

Frog Fable is about your character, named Zbylut, being sent into town for milk, until he faces evil frogs and birds and bunnies (oh my!). You learn a spell that allows you to progress through the world by inflating enemies until they explode!

This is certainly a game that values its humor, which I find very charming and it adds to the experience for me. It is such a cute and action-filled game that I enjoy maxing out every upgrade available so I can kick butt in more fun ways. I did do a playthrough of this game where I did not use any gems on upgrades, and I could not get past the first boss fight, so they are definitely worth it and the increase in difficulty is there.

This game did not disappoint, so I want to give a big thank you to 23 Turtles and Big Dino for the game; thank you so much! I found this game on Kongregate, so I will leave a link below for you guys to go check it out.

Now, as there are with seemingly every game, there were a few bugs and issues here and there that I found through playing the game again and again. Some were very minor, while a few affected the game on a grander scale. Here is what I found!

Game Breaking Bugs:

  • This might be intended, but if the gems you collect from defeating an enemy have not reached you when you exit the area, those gems don’t count. If you die right as you collect some gems, they do not count either.
  • The save system is random at times. I had to play around with it to see what makes it break, but in my first playthrough of this game, I was about three-fourths through the game, so I saved and came back to it, but it started me a little under halfway into the game. Other times, if you save a game but do not properly leave the game (for example, if you just close the browser), it would sometimes save your game but sometimes not. There is only one save file available for you, so make sure you are done with one before you start a new game!

Functionality Bugs:

  • I usually play with a mouse and keyboard, but I wanted to see how the controls worked if I used the trackpad on a laptop, along with the usual WASD keys to move around. The mouse is used to release bubbles to attack enemies, but when I used the trackpad, it would not shoot out the bubbles; my character had to be standing completely still for a few seconds before I could shoot or move the cursor around.

Collision Bugs:

  • All areas were good on collision except for the area with the gates going into town. There is a building on the upper right hand side, where if you run into it, you will end up inside/underneath the building. This did not affect my gameplay that much, as I had to run into everything to make sure we were all good, and I stumbled upon it.
  • The shark-like monsters travel through the dirt and pop up if the character is standing too close. However, they also travel “through dirt,” meaning they will go over water to make a b-line for the character, which is not supposed to be possible since they mean to travel through the dirt. They will also pop up “through the dirt” in the water if the character is standing at the edge of the water.

Plot Bugs:

  • The plot could use some work. At times, it felt like the game was trying to be more funny than consistent with the story, so I often found myself wondering why or how some events were attempting to connect to others. The ending was not that satisfying, as it seemed to end abruptly. Try tying up loose ends in the plot in the future.


  • There are about five or six inventory items that are simply jokes/not consumable like health or immunity juices. This is probably fine since the player has enough space for consumables anyway, but perhaps try to keep it at a minimum in the future.
  • There are two layers of upgrades, as in once you finish with the first layer, you can keep spending gems to upgrade that ability even further with a second layer. To my knowledge, the game is only about thirty minutes, so I don’t think having more than one layer of upgrading is necessary.
  • In the inventory menu, there is a question mark that allows you to view a walkthrough and map of the game. The map was accurate and thorough, but the walkthrough does not play at all. Thinking it was just my computer, I opened it on another computer, but the walkthrough video still did not play.
  • Three characters in the game can be visited multiple times so the player can be healed or obtain a health juice. The dialogue when you first meet them is not an issue, but sometimes, I simply wanted to be healed or get a health juice without having to read the same dialogue over and over for these characters. What would help is if the dialogue the player reads upon their first encounter with these characters does not show up after the first time.
  • There are five links to the Big Dino website in the actual playing of the game, and three on the main menu. This can be cut down a bit, especially since the map icon in the bottom right-hand corner told me I was going to view a map of the area or the game itself, not taken to the Big Dino website. There is also only one or two links before the game starts that goes to 23 Turtles compared to the eight links in total for Big Dino, so it is very unbalanced.

A round of applause for 23 Turtles and Big Dino for this game! As promised, links are below for you to check it out for yourself. Thank you for stopping by!



Check Out 23 Turtles with “Frog Fable”


2 thoughts on “Playtest of “Frog Fable” by 23 Turtles

  1. Hi!

    This is one of the best feedbacks I got! I like your professional approach. 🙂

    As for the bugs – I’m terribly sorry for the save system issues. This is not very common, and I blame Flash. (along with my poor choice of development platform as Flash is long outdated) Same thing with controls – this is the last time I went with keyboard + mouse combo for an action game, promise!

    Some of the things you pointed out I left on purpose – like gems, guard-box collision and shark ignoring obstacles on the way. I could come up with multiple excuses for that, but the truth is I’m just a lazy bum. 😀

    Anyways, I’m glad that the experience was overall positive. Thanks for a great review!

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