Playtest of “I’m Still Here” by Cozy Game Pals

Hey, guys!

So, I normally dedicate at least a week to testing the next game, which is why there are gaps between posts sometimes. But, I went onto in search of some horror games to test, and this one looked interesting!

I’m Still Here is not exactly a horror game, but more of a simulation; you play as someone who just moved into their new apartment, and while unpacking, you discover that you have ghosts! Your character needs to ask the Internet for help on how to deal with this predicament!

I’ve been testing this game for three days now, including today, which, as I’ve said, is not my usual at-least-a-week routine. That’s because I’m Still Here is a five to ten minute game, and I feel I’ve gotten everything out of it that I can! If any of you are looking for a quick little experience, I definitely recommend downloading this game and checking it out!

For how long it is, I’m Still Here is a cute, simple, silly, and perfect game for those who want a quick simulation. One of my favorite things about it, besides the search options you can choose from, is how the starting menu is also the first thing you see in the game; I just love when games make their art and graphics consistent like that! But go out and see it for yourself, and you can let the makers know what your favorite part is! Links will be below.

Now, as there are with seemingly every game, there were some bugs and issues I found through playing the game again and again. I discovered minor things, but there were also a few things that interfered with progress in the game. Here’s what I found!

Game Breaking Bugs:

  • The books you need to place on the shelf as your first activity in the game can go through objects; most importantly, the windows and four outer walls of the apartment. After dropping all the books, or even just three, out the windows and/or through the walls, there will be no way to progress through the game, since the player needs to place thirteen or fourteen (given if the player replaces the books that fall off the first time or not) books onto the shelf before all the books fly off the shelf, prompting the character to be puzzled and go to the Internet for help, which progresses the game.

Level Design Bugs:

  • The player is able to interact with things in another room from a different room through the walls.
  • There is Z-fighting on the bookshelf; only one section is where Z-fighting occurs when you are placing books on the shelf, but after the books from the shelf begin swirling around, another section of the shelf will also have Z-fighting.
  • I don’t think this quite counts as a bug, but I feel it’s worth mentioning in this category: when the books begin swirling around, I began grabbing them and placing them behind the wall of the bedroom and seeing what would happen, since I placed a book down on the laptop before and it seemed to magnetize over to the other books. While the other books still swirling in the living room went up into the air, so did the books behind the wall of the bedroom, and they followed suit when the swirling books went down to the ground. This does not affect much in the game, and it does not interfere with progress (which is why it’s not game-breaking), but it stood out to me as an interesting moment where what the books were programmed to do became obvious. As for books that were thrown out the windows or through the walls while the others were swirling around, they end up beneath the floor and an exclamation mark appears for you to pick them up, but you cannot see that book until it’s in your hand after grabbing it.

Collision Bugs:

  • The books don’t seem to have collision on them when it comes to any object that it not another book. You can throw the book at something and it will bounce off, but if you walk up to that same thing while holding the book, it will phase through everything. For instance, they will disappear through walls, the fridge, boxes, etc.; you will still be carrying the book, but you will not be able to see it until you move away from the object/wall. If you walk up to a window while carrying the book, it will end up on the other side of the window, as if it’s sitting outside and you are looking at it through the window.

Art Bugs:

  • The bathroom window has one side to it that is missing a texture/panel that is on the other side.
  • I’m not sure if this is intended, but the cupboards in the kitchen have two different colors; one cupboard is a darker shade than the other two cupboards.
  • You can see behind counters and cupboards and throw books behind them.

Fact-Checking Bugs:

  • The lighting throughout the apartment shouldn’t be as bright as it is, since the only light source comes from the laptop screen in the living room (the start menu looks more like what it would look like!).
  • The previous owners of the apartment, the landlord, and the character you play as did not look into the toilet during their time in the apartment?
  • The fish has the mental capacity to fly books off the shelf?


  • I do not know if you are supposed to be able to do this, but I was able to climb on top of the boxes in the bedroom, onto the bed and onto the box sitting on the bed as well as the box sitting next to the bookshelf in the living room. I also levitated off the ground when I stood on the books that were swirling around the room.

A round of applause to Cozy Game Pals for this cute little game! Links are below to check out the website and the game itself. Thank you for stopping by!


Check out Cozy Game Pals with “I’m Still Here”


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