Playtest of “Nighttime Visitor” by raincoil

Hey, guys!

Hope you’re all doing great; I’ve been super busy getting ready to go back to college after a very relaxing and much-needed summer break! It might be a while before my next post until I fall back into my routine after move in.

Anyways, I was browsing through for horror games, since the last two games I’ve posted about haven’t really satisfied me as far as spooks and creeps. That’s when I happened upon this highly-rated game; everyone seems to be super invested in this, and, after reading what it’s about, so am I! You play as an employee working late at the office, where Alex calls you and says he’s coming after you. Alex will keep calling to locate you by listening for your phone’s ringing, but you can also call him to locate his whereabouts. Your goal is to sneak around Alex, avoid getting caught, and make it out to the exit!

“Nighttime Visitor” is definitely what I was looking for in terms of a good horror game. The concept is genius and scary at the same time, and I quickly became obsessed with making progress and showing up Alex! Creating a pattern of when to answer his calls and when to call him seemed to be the key, and it’s easy to pick up. This is going to be a game I share with friends for sure. Overall, a big thank you to raincoil for the game; thank you raincoil!

But wait; there’s more! Raincoil has deemed this version more of a proof-of-concept for the remastered version they are working on, and has left a link for anyone interested to follow its development, which I will leave down below for you guys to check out, along with a link to this version of the game.

Now, as there are with seemingly every game, there were some bugs and issues that I found through playing the game over and over; some were minor, and others affected how the game was played. Here’s what I found!

Game Breaking Bugs:

  • If you stand against the wall of an entrance Alex is about to walk through to catch you, he won’t be able to walk through the entrance or catch you. The sounds kick up and the shadows on the ground show Alex rushing at the entrance, but he cannot go through, as if blocked by an invisible wall. Walking away from the wall fixes Alex and he catches you, but if you wait it out, the game will reset Alex to a different location.
  • I’m not sure if this was intentional, but if you happen to try to call Alex a few seconds before Alex is supposed to call, your call will not go through, so you won’t be able to know Alex’s location and, instead, Alex will know of your location, even though the player has called first.

Level Design Bugs:

  • The player, while waiting in a room or around the corner, can hear Alex walk by (from left to right or vise versa), but there is a dead end outside of the room or around the corner, meaning Alex couldn’t have come from or exited through one of the sides, depending if he went from left to right or vise versa.
  • Following the ‘EXIT’ signs went well for me and other players until we reached the second to last exit sign before the escape door. When approaching this sign, it points in the way the player came through to reach the sign, making them think they need to turn around and try another way if they want to escape. However, they need only ignore the direction that sign pointed them in and they will see one last ‘EXIT’ sign before reaching the end. This can be fixed by simply changing the direction the sign points in.

Collision Bugs:

  • In the drawn world the player is transported to after being caught by Alex, there is no collision on any of the objects besides the table the phone sits on.

General Bugs/Inquiries/Suggestions:

  • When you have no signal, you cannot call Alex, but you can still receive calls from him. Maybe have small areas in the game where when the player has no signal, they cannot make or receive calls; this could increase the uneasiness in the player if that’s part of the goal.
  • If the player has reached the escape and exit through it but called Alex and he picked up, his breathing doesn’t stop until the credits come up.
  • A number of times, you will hear Alex’s phone ringing off in the distance, but will round the corner or go into the next room and he’ll be there, meaning the ringing was not accurate to helping you locate Alex.
  • Other players, along with myself, seemed lose a lot of their discomfort and fear after seeing what Alex looks like, probably because we just didn’t expect him to look that way after hearing his voice in the beginning. Perhaps consider a redesign for Alex if you want the players to keep being afraid of him.

A round of applause to raincoil for this game, and good luck wishes for its development! As always, links are below. Thank you for stopping by!


Check out raincoil with “Nighttime Visitor”

Follow the development of “Nighttime Visitor” here!


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